Transtecs Interactive Media

Interactive media provides a non-linear method to navigate your curriculum or learning content.

Developing interactive content for multiple formats.  Solutions can range from basic HTML5 content to fully immersive commercial and proprietary game engines.

Adobe Flash

Interactive eLearning content can be created for Adobe Flash when needed.  However, Adobe Flash will be unsupported by 2020.  Legacy Flash-based eLearning is now being converted to HTML5.


HTML5 is the latest technology being used to deliver content through an internet browser.  SCORM and Tin Can modules can be rendered using HTML5.  The development of mobile learning, or mLearning is also positioned to take full advantate of HTML5 video and courseware.

Unreal and Unity

Over the past several years, game engines have become platforms for serious games, simulations and maintenance training.  The flexibilty of game engines has increased the ability of the user to acquire mechanical assembly skills quicker and with less expense.

Beyond step-by-step instruction, we develop true-to-life immersive scenarios as they would occur in the real world.  Multiple modes of instruction – Explore, Practice, and Troubleshoot / Evaluate.

Unreal Procedure Demo

Unreal Practice Demo