Transtecs Virtual Task Trainer

Virtual task training is the cost effective solution for equipment maintenance task training.

Transtecs VTT is the cornerstone of the US Navy Surface Training Advanced Virtual Environment (STAVE) program;  bringing state of the art virtual tools from the classroom to the deckplate.

"In the Navy, training our Sailors is critical because lives are on the line.  Today, thanks to the Navy's investment in modern tools and new ways of teaching, training is the best it's ever been."

Why should I utilize virtual training?

Maintenance training has traditionally involved classroom instruction where students receive training on theoretical concepts, followed by hands-on experience where students practice procedures on equipment and hard trainers.  The result of this approach has been a "training gap", where the conceptual knowledge taught in the classroom is separated from the procedural knowledge learned by students in the workshop or hangar.

Transtecs VTT is the Solution.

The Virtual Task Trainer supports a wide range of learning activities.  Examples include:

  • Parts Familiarization
  • Schematics & Diagrams Familiarization
  • System and Part Identification
  • Remove and Install Procedure Training
  • Inspection and Cleaning Procedure Training
  • Cycle of Operations

Proven Performance and Reduced Failure Rates

Based on a proven instructional design framework, Virtual Task Trainer solutions have been found to accelerate training by as much as 60%, improve student test scores, and reduce failure rates, while also offering significant cost avoidance.

Studies from the M1A2 Master Gunner School at Ft. Benning, GA have shown that student failure rates were reduced by as much as 100% after the implementation of Virtual Task Trainers in their learning curriculum.

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